College Sports Recruiting

Tips for making the team

Every year, hundreds of senior high school athletes are recruited for top university and college sports teams. Here's some advice for talented young athletes seeking university or college sports scholarships:

Maintain your athletic skills and endurance

Work toward being a top athlete in your sport by demonstrating commitment to your physical condition and skill level and also by showing respect for your coach and teammates. Maintain your skills by continuing training during off seasons.

Stay ahead of school work

University and college coaches prefer athletes who can balance their academics and their sports commitments. It's also important to stay ahead in your school work because once you're in university or college on a sports scholarship you have to maintain a certain grade point average to stay on team.

Working on your time management skills will help you get a scholarship and succeed in university or college. Prepare and follow a schedule that includes study time, sleep time, eating time, leisure time and training time.

Do your research

Investigate universities and colleges on the Internet. Find out what the academic requirements are to get into the program you want. Even if you're on sports scholarship, the requirements will still apply to you. Make a list of the schools you're interested in and find out the name and contact information for the coaches of the teams you want to be recruited for.

Make contact

Go visit the schools you're interested in to see the campus and check out the athletic facilities. You should even watch the sports team you're interested in being on to make sure it would be a good team for you.

Before you visit the school, try to get in contact with the team's coach or the team captain. Express your interest in the school and the team. You can even try to arrange a time to meet the coach and talk about how your talents will benefit the team.

Promote yourself

Create a free online athlete profile to highlight your skills by using an online student athlete recruiting source. Coaches often use these sources to search for potential recruits.