Candle Making

Do-it-yourself candle projects

If you're a candle-lover and enjoy being creative, candle making may just be your next creative venture. Homemade candles make a wonderful gift for any occasion. Getting started is easy with candle making kits that come with everything you need.

There are many books available on candle making that cover everything from the history of candle making throughout the ages to choosing the highest quality wicks for your candles. As candles have progressed through the ages from a purely practical item providing light, so too has the art of candle making.

Candles were originally made by dipping a wick in tallow, basically a mixture of fat and suet gathered from pigs, cows and other animals. The smell and soot of tallow, especially that from pigs was extremely repugnant.

Beeswax candles, which provide a clean, pleasant smelling burn, were available in the middle ages, but were much more expensive than tallow, and were enjoyed mainly by the wealthy and the religious leaders.

Tallow has been replaced with paraffin, which is a bluish-white wax made from the residues of refined crude petroleum. Stearic acid is added to the wax to improve its melting point for rigidity and longevity. Despite the improvement of paraffin over tallow, many people still prefer beeswax candles for their clean, natural, long-burning qualities. In addition to improvements to the constitution of candles, candle making has become much more of a craft, with your creativity being almost the only limit to what you can create. Spending some time looking at candles and candle making supplies online can fill you with inspiration and ideas!

Candle Making Supplies

Everything you need for candle making can be ordered online, including:

  • all the different types of candle wax, including beeswax, paraffin, soy and other vegetable-based waxes, like bayberry
  • wax additives for getting the right texture and rigidity
  • molds of all shapes and sizes
  • wicks, wickers and wick tabs
  • wax dyes and pigments
  • appliques and other craft supplies for special designs

Aside from these basics, there are also special (and specially priced!) wax melting pots that are designed to provide the ultimate in temperature and formulation control for the more advanced and committed chandler.

Candle making kits for beginners are a relatively inexpensive way to try your hand at candle making, in a price range of $110 to $140. Deluxe kits for those who are really committed range to about $270 and more.

Wholesale Candles

If you don't want to go to the trouble of making your own candles, you can order candles online. All different types of candles are available, including aromatherapy candles, beeswax candles, Christmas candles, jar candles, scented candles, soy candles, unity candles, wedding candles and votive candles.