Canada Travel

A great vacation is just across the border

Oh, Canada! If you're looking for a vacation closer to home but want to skip United States travel, Canada has something for everyone. Depending on where you go, a Canada vacation can be anything from whale-watching to skiing to a big city experience.

What to See in Canada

To decide where to go, get out a map of Canada and examine your options. Do you want to visit a city? A coastal area? Mountains? Prairies? Online research can help you determine what is available in terms of Canada vacations. There are options available all across the country for every budget and interest.

If you're considering visiting Ontario, make sure to stop in Toronto. There, you can see the CN Tower, Air Canada Center, Hockey Hall of Fame and Royal Ontario Museum. Toronto also has a fantastic arts scene, so visit the theatre district or check to see what will be playing when you're in town.

If you're a snow bunny, visit Whistler, Canada. You haven't skied until you ski Canada!

On both the west and east coats, you can explore amazing wildlife by land and sea. Hit the water for adventure sports, whale-watching and deep sea fishing, then head back to the shore for an amazing feast of seafood.

The easiest way to get to Canada depends on your city of origin. If you plan on booking a flight, one of Canada's biggest airlines is Air Canada. If a road trip is what you have in mind, pack up your vehicle and hit the road, knowing that Canada hotels offer a variety of options and you'll never be without a place to stay. Many hotels in Canada are part of the same chains as American hotels, so you can book online through the same websites. Check your favorite chains for availability.

Don't Forget

Whether you decide to travel Canada by air or land, you'll have to go through Canada Customs and declare your purchases. This is much the same as US customs, but be prepared to spend some time going through the process.