Camping Equipment

Camping Equipment

The supplies you'll need for your next outdoor adventure

Preparation is important for any successful outdoor adventure. You need to book your campsite and plan your route advance - but you can easily make your next camping trip successful by packing the right supplies.

Put together a camping checklist a week or so before you leave to make sure you have all the right camping gear and won't leave any critical supplies behind. Your checklist will help you get organized and give you enough time to collect all of the items you need.

Use this list of frequently-used camping gear as a guideline to create your own camping checklist. (Your own list may vary depending on where and when you're camping, the activities you've planned, and the length of your trip):

Frequently-used camping gear

They might seem obvious, but be sure to pack:

  • Tent: Double check that it doesn't have any holes in it.
  • Sleeping bags / bedding: Bring a couple of extra blankets and pillows for added comfort.
  • Clothing

    Along with your everyday clothing and beachwear, don't forget:

    • Sweaters for chilly evenings.
    • Rain gear (just in case).


    When shopping for your trip, remember to buy:

    • Easy to prepare foods.
    • Non-perishables and easy-access food such as energy bars.
    • What's a camping trip without s'mores? You'll need marshmallows, Graham crackers and chocolate bars.


    You can pack all kinds of different gear, but the essentials include:

    • Firewood and matches to get your fire started (you may also want to bring some fire starter to make it easier).
    • A flashlight with extra batteries.


    It's better to be safe than sorry, so be sure to pack:

    • A standard first aid kit that includes Tylenol and insect repellent.


    Because your camping adventure should be fun for the whole family, don't forget to bring:

    • A deck of cards for a cloudy day.
    • Sports equipment - baseball gloves, rollerblades or footballs make for great family games

    As you become a more experienced camper, preparing for your camping adventures will become easier and easier - especially if you keep your camping gear organized and stored in plastic bins that are ready to go for your next adventure.