Blu Ray Players

What is Blu Ray?

DVD players have all but replaced VCRs when it comes to viewing movies in the home, and Blu Ray players are at the forefront of this growing and advancing media technology. A Blu Ray DVD player simply a more advanced type of DVD player, able to record, rewrite, and playback high-definition, or HD, video. Blu Ray discs can also hold larger amounts of data than DVDs, and can create the ultimate media experience using advanced video and audio technology.

Blu Ray Discs are developed by a large group of leading electronic and media manufacturers which are very well known for their quality products. You may know someone who has a Panasonic, Hitachi, or Samsung Blu Ray player in their living room, and these players are slowly replacing the standard DVD player in many households. Because the Blu Ray association also includes several personal computer companies, many computers and other media devices are Blu Ray compatible as well.

Why choose Blu Ray?

Blu Ray movies and players are a significant step up from standard DVDs and DVD players. While DVD players typically only play DVDs, Blu Ray players can also read CDs, standard DVDs, and even burned content. This can be useful for those who enjoy burning their own home movies, and you won't have to replace all of your old DVDs with a Blu Ray version of the film. Because personal computers now support Blu Ray, you can burn your own Blu Ray discs as well as watch Blu Ray videos on your computer without compromising the amazing HD quality content. Video game consoles such as the Playstation 3 also support Blu Ray, allowing the consumer to buy the console and save money on a separate Blu Ray player.

Disadvantages of Blu Ray

Because Blu Ray is still a developing technology, you may find that many movies are not yet available on Blu Ray disc. Also, movies on Blu Ray can sometimes be slow loading due to the high amount of video and audio content held on a single disc. Clearly the advantages far outweigh the downside to owning a Blu Ray player, and many brands and types are available to find one that is the perfect fit for you.