Baseball Gloves

Adult and youth baseball gloves

In baseball, gloves are unique to each position. Catchers, corner infielders, middle infielders and outfielders each use baseball gloves of different styles to maximize their fielding performance. When shopping for youth baseball gloves, be sure to choose a product that's designed for the position your son or daughter plays.

A catcher's glove is heavily padded and compact, which allows the catcher to quickly transfer the ball to his hand if he needs to make a play on a base runner attempting to steal.

First base gloves have heavy padding, as first basemen are constantly catching hard-thrown balls from across the infield, and they also have long webbing to help make plays on balls hit up the line. Third base gloves are similar, except that they may not have as much padding as third basemen aren't receiving as many throws. Middle infielders tend to wear compact, light gloves to help them quickly transfer the ball to their throwing hands.

Outfield baseball gloves tend to be long, with open webbing. These design features help outfielders maximize their reach when tracking down fly balls.

Also, don't forget about batting gloves -- these essential accessories can really boost a player's performance and comfort at the plate.

Baseball Glove Brands and Sizing Guide

For youth baseball gloves, don't leave sizing to chance. Take your son or daughter to a sporting goods store and have him or her try out gloves in the 8 to 9 inch range to find the one that fits the best.

Adult baseball gloves should be sized as follows: for pitchers and infielders, stick in the 10¾ to 12 inch range. Outfielders should go for 12 inch gloves. Keep in mind that, in Major League Baseball, gloves are forbidden to exceed 12 inches in length. Softball gloves are an exception, though, since the sport is played with a much larger ball. Adult softball gloves should be 12 to 14 inches in length.

For trusted brands, Rawlings baseball gloves and Franklin baseball gloves are among the best. These two brands have been around for a very long time and have won legions of loyal customers.