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G'day, mate! Aussies have a special way of welcoming the world to their country, which is just part of why Australia has always been such a popular travel destination.

Many things about Australia are backwards to what we know in North America: their toilets flush in the opposite direction and their seasons are opposite to ours, which is important to remember if you plan to travel to Australia. Our summer is actually their winter, but don't fret, it's still not cold there.

Australia Highlights

Australia is well-known for its gorgeous beaches, extreme surfing and excellent scuba diving, so no matter how daring you are, there's a level of sea sport for everyone – even if you just take a dip at one of Australia's top beaches! And don't forget, the Great Barrier Reef is a must-see for many people on Australia vacations.

If you're city-bound, Sydney is a main attraction, in particular its famed Opera House. Brisbane and Melbourne are other great cities, so be sure to use your Australia map and plan your route to visit as many areas as possible.

There are so many things to see and do down under that if you're feeling clueless, you might want to visit an Australia travel agency, or at least a travel agent who knows a lot about the country. You might be surprised at what they have to offer, and there might be an Australia travel package for you, which keeps your planning down to a minimum and your enjoyment at a maximum.

Let someone else do all the work to plan your way through the outback, to cities and onto the beautiful Aussie beaches. It's difficult to plan a trip to another continent without knowing what you're looking for and a travel agent can be a huge help in getting the most out of your vacation.

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If you want to travel Australia for an extended period of time or work there for a while, it is important to obtain an Australia Visa through the government of Australia website,