Alaska Travel

An uncovered treasure

Many Americans feel disconnected from Alaska because it is so far away from most other states. But this is what makes the state of Alaska such a great United States travel destination!

An Alaska vacation can be anything from a relaxing Alaska cruise to crazy Alaska adventure travel. The choice is up to you.

Alaska Cruises

An Alaska cruise tour will likely take you to Juneau and Skagway. From your ship, you will see Alaska's amazing nature: icebergs, ancient trees and the freshest air you'll ever breathe. Juneau is home to the Alaska State Museum and many wildlife and nature tours depart from here. Depending on your cruise itinerary, you may be able to go on a daytrip from Juneau.

Unlike other cruises, like in the Caribbean, the best way to get an Alaska cruise discount is to book early. Space is limited and prices can go up depending on flight costs and other charges, so plan as far ahead as you feel comfortable.

If you want to explore Alaska on your own, check flights through Alaska Airlines, then continue your Alaska trip planning from there. Your destinations may depend on where you can fly to.

Alaska Adventure

Destination is less important for adventurous types, since you can partake in extreme activities all over the state. Try searching different areas for hiking, biking, camping, skydiving and other Alaska adventures. If you're heading out into the bush, many tourist bureaus will recommend going with an experienced guide, as it's very easy to get lost in the great outdoors or to come across some wildlife you might not be expecting.

If you're into nature, consider staying at an Alaska fishing lodge. Alaska waters are known for huge fish, and great fishing all year round. Many fishers enjoy fly-ins, fishing vacations where you must be flown in and flown out – very rustic, but also the perfect way to get away from big cities and civilization!