Adventure Travel

Vacation excitement at every turn!

Tired of the same old sightseeing tours? If you're not comfortable on a tour bus taking photos out a window, adventure travel might be for you.

Adventure travel doesn't mean dangerous travel, it just means getting out and experiencing the places you're visiting through fun activities that you might not be able to do at home. You get more of a rush with adventure travel, which is a little less about history and more about nature.

Adventure travel has grown in popularity for everyone from single travelers to couples and those on family vacations. You can even visit an exclusive adventure travel company to have someone help you pick the destination and adventure that's right for you.

Some popular adventure destinations include:

Switzerland. Amid the Alps, you can go whitewater rafting, canyoning (like rafting without the raft), hang gliding, and extreme skiing and snowboarding (think being dropped from a helicopter at the top of a mountain and skiing or boarding your way down).

Australia. Known for its huge waves and surf communities, Australia is also great for scuba diving because of its amazing reefs and variety of spots to explore.

South America. If you're interested in bungee jumping, head to South America and traipse into rainforests and near waterfalls for some of the most breathtaking bungee spots in the world. You can also do tree-top treks here.

Alaska. Alaskan adventure travel offers you the opportunity to get very far away from civilization for great camping, fishing, hiking and rock climbing. It's important not to travel alone in Alaska and to seek help from experienced guides.

No matter where you head, always be safe and consider your vacation goals. If you're seeking family adventure travel, make sure everyone is aware of what you are doing and feels comfortable with the activity. There's nothing like arriving at the top of a mountain to find out somebody refuses to go down the same way you want to!

Also be sure you're familiar with the different rules, regulations and safety precautions related to your adventure; home and overseas adventure travel is no fun if you are breaking the rules or putting yourself in danger.