Womens Pants

From casual pants to dress pants to leggings

As the saying goes, "We all put our pants on one leg at a time." Of course, with the variety of women's pants available today, that could well be where the similarities end.

From well-tailored dress pants to comfy, casual women's jeans, the options are virtually endless. Add in a number of colors, patterns, cuts, and styles, and there's sure to be a perfect pair of pants for any occasion and any body type.

Women's Casual Pants

Jeans have long been the go-to comfort pant for both men and women. And today, with an even wider variety of cuts and colors, women can find jeans for all but the most formal occasions.

Dark-wash denim with a blouse or blazer is a fairly common sight in business casual offices and makes a great outfit for those not-too-formal but slightly more than casual dinners and parties. Many designers now also offer embellished designs with embroidery, belts, and other details that "dress up" their jeans to look more like dress pants.

Lighter colors and looser fits are still ideal for lounging on the weekend, running errands, and attending casual get-togethers. Skinny jeans are the new trend, but wide-leg or boot-cut jeans offer a better fit for women who want to de-emphasize their hips, butt, and thighs.

Jeans also go beyond the classic denim pant to include denim skirts of various lengths, colors, and styles, jean shorts and capris, denim tops, and even jeggings -- a combination of jeans and leggings, another popular type of casual pants.

Women's Slacks

Dress pants, also sometimes called "slacks," are by their nature more formal than jeans, leggings, yoga pants, and other casual pants, but they still range from casual styles for everyday wear to dressier styles for businesswear or formal events.

Like jeans, dress pants come in a variety of cuts to suit various body shops. Straight-leg pants fall directly from the hip, while tapered pants curve inwards below the knee to hug the ankle. Boot-cut pants, on the other hand, flare out from the knee in order to balance the hip and thigh. Wide-leg cuts flare from the hip to various degrees. Some wide-leg varieties, such as palazzo pants, can mimic skirts and, in the right material and color (black satin, perhaps?) and paired with the right top, are a great alternative to skirts and dresses for formal parties and events.

Once you find the cut or style that's best for you, you're sure to have a number of colors, patterns, and embellishments (belts, embroidery, buttons, zippers, pockets, etc.) to choose from. Pinstripes or basic black are always a hit in the boardroom, and bright colors, wide belts, or extra pockets can add a little personality to your business casual.