Womens Bathing Suits

Bikinis, tankinis, and one-piece bathing suits

If there's one thing most women can agree they dislike, it's bathing suit shopping. There's nothing like standing under fluorescent lights in scant pieces of spandex and Lycra to dredge up body issues in even the most confident woman.

Fortunately, today's variety of women's bathing suits help take some of the sting out of bathing suit shopping. With wraps, skirts, shorts, control panels, built-in bras, and a variety of other features designed to highlight assets and minimize perceived "trouble spots," today's women's swimwear is as much about fashion as it is function.

Bikinis and Tankinis

String bikinis are the epitome of sexy beachwear, but they're not for everyone. Fortunately, two-piece bathing suits have evolved to include an array of options for those who want the freedom and flexibility of a two-piece with perhaps a little modesty thrown in.

Tankinis, two-piece bathing suits with tops designed to resemble tank tops, have become increasingly popular since their introduction in the 1990s. They allow women to indulge in the fun and flirtiness of a two-piece bathing suit without baring their entire midsection.

Many bikinis and tankinis are now offered in mix-and-match styles as well, with numerous tops and bottoms in a variety of colors and patterns that are sold separately so that women can create a custom bathing suit.

Tops can have thin straps, thick straps, or no straps at all, and bottoms range from traditional bikini briefs to boy-cut shorts and even skirts.

With so much variety, women are virtually guaranteed to find the perfect suit for their body type.

One-Piece Bathing Suits

Those who prefer more traditional one-piece women's swimsuits needn't sacrifice style, either. These, too, come in an array of colors and cuts designed to accentuate the female form. Many swimsuits now include built-in bras and tummy control panels to shape the body in the absence of undergarments. Strategically placed embellishments like belts, piping, color blocks, and ruching guide the eye away from problem areas and create a more pleasing silhouette.

For additional coverage, without sacrificing style, many swimsuits now come with matching wraps or coverups, which not only hide problem areas but help protect skin from the sun, as well.