Wholesale Handbags

Why pay more?

Everyone loves a good designer handbag. For women, it sometimes seems as though the need for a good bag is ingrained in us from birth. But with the sheer amount of designers out there, who can blame us? There's Burberry, Kate Spade, Chanel and Coach just to name a few. The problem that quickly arises is how to find great handbags and purses at very low prices. The solution is to go wholesale.

Wholesale shopping is how the stores and sellers make their money. They purchase the handbags and purses for a fraction of the cost, then mark up the prices to resell to the general public. You may not have the resources to buy 10,000 designer purses or replica purses but you can still find those great deals.

Shopping Online

The best way to find wholesale handbags is to shop online. There are a number of sources that sell designer handbags or replica handbags at wholesale prices. EBay is one place where retailers occasionally sell their items at lower prices. Imagine the seller who buys 10,000 handbags, but only has space to sell half of those discount handbags at their own shop. To cover their expenses and clear out their inventory, they will post up the items for sale on eBay. It's a great way for you to find those wholesale handbags at very affordable prices.

Outlet Malls

Another place to find handbags and purses at discount or wholesale prices is to look at local outlet malls. Both Kate Spade and Coach have outlet shops scattered across the country, and those two are just the tip of the iceberg. They sell their handbags and purses for 50 to 75 percent less than the retail price, and they run special sales throughout the year. The best time to look is in the months leading up to Christmas, when the stores run their biggest sales. For example, Coach ran a special around that time which had all their leather purses marked down by 10 percent off their already regular low price, plus they handed out coupons for an additional $20 off every purchase.

If you're looking for designer handbags or replica handbags, you can also try looking at some of the local stores or websites that offer wholesale prices to the public. These sites do not require shoppers to have a tax identification number or vendor's license to make a purchase, as regular wholesalers do.

Shopping Forums

The other way to find great handbags and purses at low prices is to use shopping forums. These sites allow users to buy, sell and trade their designer pieces. Those selling are often retailers who have a large stock of items or former owners who are cleaning out their collection. In either case, there are great deals to be had.

By Jennifer Eblin