Skin Care

Daily regimens that work for all age groups

Your skin is the largest organ on your body, so how you decide to care for it should be one of your highest priorities. Using soap will only produce a negative effect on the skin - there is a reason why specialized skin care products have been developed.

Your skin stores water, fat and vitamin D, which are needed for moisture increase as the body ages. Drinking water will increase your skin's moisture levels but this alone will not prevent the signs of aging.

Facial washes help eliminate grime, dirt and makeup. Your skin needs to breathe, and using a facial wash helps your skin feel fresh. If your skin is dry, it would be a good to use a cream cleanser which optimizes your skin's moisture levels.

Using a toner after cleansing your skin is highly important as this helps wash off any residue and provides a general cleaning action. If your skin is generally oilier, using an astringent could help remove excess oil, leaving your skin fresher, cleaner and cooler. But if you have sensitive skin, it's best to avoid astringents.

Using a facial scrub once a week helps remove dead skin cells, helping your skin remain younger looking. A facial mask used once a week will boost your moisture levels and keep a healthy glow. You are guaranteed to feel a difference in your skin when you have applied the correct facial mask onto your face.

Moisturizers help prevent wrinkles, keeping your skin smooth and soft. Moisturizers are one of the most important aspects of your daily regime. No matter what skin type you may have, using these skin care products is valuable to your skin's health and to prevent some of the effects of aging.

There are also night creams, eye gels and various other great and affordable skin care products you could use to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. Remember to do an allergy test before purchasing any skin care product.

See a skin care professional for advice on your skin type and the most suitable products for you. Natural products are usually the best. Using products with alpha hydroxy acids and other ingredients tend to do more damage than good if not investigated properly. Make sure that whatever advice you take home with you comes from someone with a degree and years of skin care experience. Love your skin and it will love you.

By Dee Westman