Mens Hair Care Products

A guide for men

For years before I became a hairstylist, I never cared about what shampoo or conditioner I put in my hair. On many occasions I would even use soap - it was just so much easier. I've always had short hair, and if soap was good enough to cleanse my skin, then it was good enough to cleanse my hair.

Conditioner? Why would I need a conditioner if my hair was so short? It's not like I had long hair that I was trying to keep healthy.

For most men, that's really the biggest key here - what is it we're trying to do with our hair? Are we trying to make it healthier or more shiny? Are we trying to keep the frizz away or are we trying to give it more body? Most guys don't really care about these things, we just care about cleansing the hair. If there is shampoo in the shower, we'll use it. If not, we're just as happy using soap.

The only thing that really matters to a guy is how his hair looks. Most guys go low maintenance with their style - they learn how to use the minimal gels or hair creams or pastes to get their hair to do what they want it to do.

No big deal. It's easy. Then I became a hairstylist and started seeing hair in a different way.

To really choose the right men's hair care products one needs to understand what a man's hair care needs are. You can do this with a series of questions:

  • Is he losing his hair?
  • Does his scalp get itchy?
  • Does he have short hair?
  • Does he have long hair?
  • Does he have color-treated hair?
  • Does he have a chemical relaxer in his hair?
  • Does he want a styling product that makes his hair thicker?
  • Does he want a styling product that adds shine to his hair?
  • Does he want a styling product that adds control but with no shine?
  • Does he have curly hair but wants natural curl without the frizz?

The list of questions goes on and on.

How then can you choose the right men's hair care products? The answer is easy: I simply ask what a client's needs are in reference to the questions listed above and recommend the right hair care products from there. Have your hairstylist do the same.

By Hairstylist.dude