Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothing from bridal to bathing suits

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, but it means a lot of body changes. When your growing belly makes it impossible to do up your jeans, it's time to head to the mall (or online) for some maternity clothes.

Thankfully, we now live in an age where maternity clothing is just as fashionable as regular women's clothing. Gone are the days when women's choices were oversized housedresses and men's pyjamas. Today's mothers-to-be can choose from skirts, dresses, pants, capris, blouses, t-shirts -- even lingerie, bathing suits, and maternity bridal wear! Many are even available from well-known brands and designers.

Shopping for Maternity Wear

A functional maternity wardrobe will include a few basic pieces that can be mixed and matched, as well as some specialty items, like maternity bathing suits for those moms-to-be who want to cool off at the beach or by the pool.

An often overlooked element of the maternity wardrobe is maternity lingerie -- bras and underwear to accommodate the expanding belly and swollen breasts that are the hallmarks of pregnancy. To get more bang for your buck, consider purchasing a maternity nursing bra, which provides support to your growing breasts during pregnancy and then allows for easy nursing once the baby is born.

Another way to save money on your maternity clothes is to pick pieces that provide as much room for growth as possible while still fitting well, and to choose basic colors and patterns so that items can be mixed and matched. With the right selections, you can create an entire wardrobe with a dozen or so pieces.

Of course, shopping online and in secondhand stores can also save you money.

Selling Maternity Wear

When you no longer need your maternity clothes, consider selling them online or through a consignment shop to make back some of your money -- money that you can then spend on diapers, formula, or the beginnings of a college fund.

Anything you bought new should be in good enough condition to resell. Make sure you wash the clothes before listing them online or taking them to the secondhand shop. Expect to recoup no more than about 20 percent of the original purchase price. Still, something is better than nothing.