Makeup Artist Classes

What you'll need to break into the beauty industry

If you're interested in becoming a professional makeup artist, the first place to start is with a beauty school. There are hundreds if not thousands of options across the country, almost guaranteeing that no matter you live, there is a choice for you.

Start by asking at your favorite salon or beauty shop, and finding out what those professional stylists did to break into the field. After that, find the schools available in your area, and ask for a free tour. You should look for a school that offers a variety of classes and instructors, as well as a school with a flexible class schedule. Many beauty school students continue to work full or part-time jobs while attending classes, so if necessary, you should be able to work and attend school at the same time.

The school should be accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences. Also look for a school that offers classes in other fields beyond just makeup artistry. The best artists in the world trained in multiple areas, not just one section. Think of it as if you were attending a four year university - you need a diverse background to truly learn.

Remember that beauty school is still a school, and though the cost may be high, there are usually different options available to pay for the course work. Some schools offer tuition assistance through grants and student loans, or private payment plans where a certain amount is charged every semester. Still others have a program where the student pays a set fee, and then re-pays the school the full amount after finding a job in the field. The type of assistance available depends on the school, and is something to talk about with an advisor before enrolling.

Classes that are offered in beauty schools are dependent on the program the student enrolls in. Those looking to break into the world of professional makeup for television and film can expect to take classes in Prosthetics, Character, Bald Cap, Female Corrective Makeup and Male Corrective Makeup. A student wanting to work in a salon will take Beauty Makeup, Classic Beauty Makeup, Glamour Makeup and possibly a high fashion makeup class or one on bridal makeup. Each class will focus on the specifics of its title, and the class length is usually a few weeks to a few months long.

A good beauty school will offer career assistance, for help finding a job after school is over. The school should also have a reputation in the field, rather than appearing overnight. Be careful not to get hooked into a scam school, with promises of a location coming soon. They will more than likely disappear with your money. Find a good school by asking professionals for advice and checking it out for yourself. By doing that, you're almost guaranteed to make a good choice.

By Jennifer Eblin