Home Spas

Relax in your bathroom or kitchen

Ah, the spa. Everyone loves going to the spa. It's calm and relaxing… but so expensive! So why not make a spa in your very own bathroom – it's relatively cheap and very easy to do.

You'll likely want lots of soft light – so flood your bathroom with candles. Just make sure you place them in safe locations, or your relaxing time in the spa could turn into a 911 call. If the candles are scented, make sure they are all the same scent, or that some are unscented. A mixed-up smell could create a mixed-up mood, and that isn't relaxing at all!

Tune your radio to some soft or classical music or throw in a mixed CD to create the right mood for your spa. Also, make sure you have a mud mask. They are great because they don't burn or itch and they take a nice long time to dry. That will give you plenty of time to unwind in the bathroom. This may seem clichéd, but cucumbers really do feel good on the eyes. So pick one up (it doesn't have to be huge) and cut out a few slices.

Make sure you supply your spa with a comfortable robe, slippers and a nice big towel. You may also want to purchase a caddy and place some goodies in there, like baby oil or lotion for after the bath. You can add some bath gloves, a back loofah or maybe some chocolate or a cool drink.

A bubble bath is essential. You could use bath oils, but bubble bath is so ... bubbly! Just make sure the scent isn't too strong or that it complements the candle scents, if any. When you take the bath, you want to have the candles lit, the music on, your face covered with a mud mask and some cucumbers for your eyes. You want the water to be hot, but not boiling. Place the towel, slippers and robe within two to three feet so it's easy to reach when you get out – no one likes to freeze after a nice hot bath. Place the caddy full of goodies right next to the tub, also within reaching distance. And wrap your hair if it's long.

Finally, with tub pillow in hand, get in and enjoy! You work hard and totally deserve this!

By Carisa Silvesan