Hair Loss Shampoo

The best hair loss shampoo solutions

Is it possible that a shampoo for hair loss actually works? While there is ongoing debate on whether hair loss treatments are a hard-and-fast "cure" for the condition, many have experienced beneficial results from various types of hair loss treatments.

Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo

For those who have hair loss in their family, or who are just concerned about losing hair in general, hair loss prevention shampoos and treatments may be a great way to hedge your bets. These products are said to work by unclogging and removing buildup from hair follicles for healthier growth. They can also help stimulate the scalp and hair roots, for thicker, stronger hair growth.

Hair Loss Treatment Shampoo

The difference between hair loss prevention shampoo and hair loss treatment shampoo is simply that the latter is used after hair loss has begun – most often when the effects are becoming increasingly noticeable. Hair loss treatment shampoos, which may also be called hair growth shampoos, focus on stimulating new hair growth rather than protecting existing growth. They focus on scalp stimulation, which can help increase blood circulation to deliver more nutrients to the area.

What to Look For in a Hair Loss Product

There are literally hundreds of hair loss products on the market, which can make it difficult to find the one that will be safest and most successful for you. A few things you may want to look for in any product include:

  • Natural ingredients. Many hair loss products include harsh chemicals that may end up doing more damage to your hair than good. Chemical-based products may also have adverse side effects or cause allergic reactions. Starting a natural hair care routine that includes an all-natural hair loss shampoo could help you protect your hair and keep it healthy.
  • Hair growth systems.Treatment of hair loss is not simply limited to shampoo. A strict hair care regime, involving shampoo, conditioner, topical formulas and even diet supplements may be the best way to achieve optimum results.
  • DHT neutralization. Our bodies produce a hormone called DHT which can actually damage hair at the root level and may lead to hair loss. Be sure to find a hair loss shampoo that contains botanicals to neutralize DHT while also protecting and strengthening hair.

While results are never guaranteed with any treatment product, many who are struggling with the issue of hair loss may find comfort and confidence in taking control of their condition. With a little research and a few trials, it may be possible to find a product that can help you protect your hair or restore it to its former glory.