Hair Color Products

A guide for women

So you've decided to try something new with your hair! Hair color can be one of the most fun experiences if you are prepared and knowledgeable.

First, let's decide on a color. Fair-skinned people tend to look lovely with red or brunette shades. Tanned or slightly darker-skinned people can easily go blonde and not look faded out, and can even go as dark as black. It's not a good idea to bleach your own hair, so if you're thinking of a drastic change consult a hair colorist.

If your hair is already dark and you would like to go lighter, only go about two to three shades lighter without using bleach. That way you can ensure that your hair will take the new color.

When deciding on highlight or lowlight colors, look at your all-over color and choose colors that blend - those are what you'll want to add. Highlighting is always lighter than the main shade, and lowlighting is darker. For instance, if you're using a medium brown color you might want to highlight your hair with a honey blonde, or lowlight your hair with a brown that is a shade or two darker. The great thing about adding highlights or lowlights is that it gives your hair added texture and shine.

Nervous about taking the plunge? Try semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair color. Semi will last for 6 to 12 shampoos, and demi will last through 24 to 26 shampoos.

Here are a few different hair types, and how to get the results you want:

For Dry Hair: You can still color your hair! But before you try anything, use a deep conditioner. If you're planning on going with a permanent color, Excellence or Preference by L'Oreal is a good choice. If after coloring your hair needs a boost from being dry, after shampooing, try Hydrience by Clairol.

For Oily Hair: Wash your hair the day before with shampoo made distinctly for oily hair. For any hair type you'll want to wait 24 hours after the last shampoo before you dye it. Having slightly oily hair isn't bad, and without fresh shampoo in it, the color will last longer.

For Curly Hair: Curly hair tends to lean more to the dry side, so before dying it use a special conditioner for dry, curly hair. Infusium 23 is a good product. With curly hair it is in your best interest to have coloring done professionally.

For Long Hair: If you're doing an at-home dye, be sure to grab two boxes. Otherwise you'll end up with a half-done dye job.

Always, always use the conditioner the home dyes give you. A weekly conditioner will help repair any damage from dye.

Hair color can give you a boost in confidence, help you feel like a new person, or show your individuality. Remember to be safe, and if you have any worries consult a hair colorist.

By Ashley Sickler