Hair Accessories

Hair clips, headbands, and more

Barrettes, butterfly clips, headbands, and other hair accessories might be decorative, but they are also incredibly functional. As any woman -- and perhaps some men -- knows, long hair has a tendency to get in the way sometimes and needs to be held away from the face. Sometimes, this is a matter of preference or presentation, such as wearing a bun or ponytail at work. Sometimes, it's a matter of comfort or convenience, such as during exercise or while applying makeup. And sometimes, such as for sporting events or certain physical jobs, it's a matter of safety.

Whatever your reason for wanting your hair out of your face, there are a number of hair accessories that can hold your hair in place while also adding a decorative touch to your outfit.

Hair Accessories for Girls

When it comes to children, tying hair back is often about keeping it manageable, but for many little girls, hair accessories are also fun ways to express their personality. Let your daughter choose her own headbands, baubles, and hair clips. This is a relatively inexpensive way to encourage self-expression and a personal sense of style.

Of course, you'll need to set some ground rules before actually showing your daughter the selection. With a wide variety of accessories in numerous colors, materials, and finishes, it's easy to get carried away. From brightly colored elastics to sparkly hair bands to barrettes in just about any shape, the options are virtually endless. Knowing what kind of hair accessory works best for her hair and the types of outfits she wears most often will help you guide her choice to something practical as well as fun.

Bridal Hair Accessories

Perhaps no hair accessory is more important to a woman than the one she wears on her wedding day. With or without a veil, bridal hairstyles tend to be elaborate and require some form of fastening, if not decoration.

Bridal hair accessories can be extremely plain, such as hair-colored bobby pins or a simple clip, or incredibly elaborate, such as a large flower, several small flowers, or a wide headband. Generally, the choice will depend on how elaborate the dress is, what type of hair the bride has, what hairstyle the bride is wearing, and whether or not the bride is wearing a veil. Usually, the veil acts as the focal piece, other hair accessories are relatively simple. If the bride foregoes a veil, however, she may choose a more elaborate hair accessory to act as a focal point.