Formal Wear

Finding fantastic fashion

We all know how painstakingly difficult it can be to find inexpensive formal wear that still looks amazing. The more affordable gowns always seem to be way too ordinary, not nearly elegant enough or just plain not your style. And it seems when you eventually do find something that you love, it is simply not in your budget.

But don't give up the search just yet! We've got a few quick and easy tips to help you find the best deals in formal wear, from designer clothes to dresses on a budget:

Don't overlook consignment and thrift stores. There are a lot of gems to be found in these places, and you don't have to worry too much about sizing. Having a dress tailored to get that perfect fit is inexpensive, and you've already saved on the price of your dress. You can even add small details to an older dress to modernize it and make it your own.

Surf the Web before you pound the pavement. Keeping in line with the idea of discount, auction sites are an amazing place to find incredible deals on formal wear. Again, the sizing or details might not be perfectly suited to your tastes, but they can be inexpensively altered. It's usually cheaper to revamp an old dress than it is to purchase a brand new one.

Be your own designer – consider a custom piece. If you have something specific in mind that you are looking for, a seamstress might be a good idea. Ask around for a recommendation. Just find the fabric that you want and either purchase a pattern or have a precise description ready for your perfect formal attire.

Don't be intimidated by pricey retail shops. Remember, retail shopping isn't necessarily out of your league. Just be aware of sales and timing. Shopping at the heels of prom season is a good time to find great deals on formal wear at your local mall. Around that time, a large assortment of formal wear will go on sale almost immediately and you can be on hand to scoop up the deals.

As you can see, shopping for formal wear doesn't have to be frustrating. You just have to be a little creative and willing to put a little work into it, and it might be easier than you think. And looking perfect for your special occasion makes it all worthwhile!

By Mary Daniel