Fashion Design

What your style says about you

First impressions last - the firmness of your handshake and the tone of your voice, as well as your personal style, are all indicators to others of who you are.

Personal style is probably the first thing a person will notice about you. You could assume a man in a perfectly tailored, unwrinkled business suit and sporting a cleanly shaven face has a fairly good career. You could also assume that he has had a good education and is conservative in moral and political values.

Is your personal style giving others an accurate description of who you are?


First, you'll need to know a little about color association. Color, in particular, has a huge impact on human emotion. For example, the color red is often compared to fire and therefore displays passion, aggression or sexuality. Typically, duller colors such as black, gray, white and earth tones are seen more frequently in the workplace.

As a result, if you are sporting the color red, one might believe you do not have a conservative career that adheres to a strict dress code. Most people view a person dressed in black as sad, because it is often associated with mourning. Yellow is correlated with the sun, which can create the assumption that you have a "sunny" personality.

Colors can also display masculine and feminine qualities. In many cultures, a woman in pink may be seen as very feminine, while any man dressed in pink might also be seen as more feminine than masculine.


Another ingredient to personal style is the fit and type of clothing, accessories and hairstyle you choose. Someone might see you as an artistic type of person if you tend to clash fabrics, colors or prints. These elements can also leave a positive or negative impact on others about the effort you put into your appearance.

Baggy clothes have become the staple of most young men's wardrobes, which means baggy clothing can be a sign of youth or immaturity. Hairstyles on women that are sleek and straight can give a person the impression that you enjoy simplicity, while a time consuming up-do might announce that you pay special attention to detail. Clothing displaying brand names and logos can give a person an idea of what kind of income you have. Tops that are a solid color could tell a person that you are simple or straight and to the point. Contrarily, a top that is garnished with lace, beads or several different colors would say to someone that you are fun or fashion-oriented.

With a little self-reflection and careful selection of colors, accessories (or lack of) and hairstyle, you can easily express who you are as a person. Give an accurate first impression to others by modifying your personal style!

By Bekka J