Facial Toners

Find the best facial toner for your skin

Facial toners are an important, but often overlooked, addition to your skin care routine. The best facial toner will balance the pH or the level of acidity in your skin. Facial skin toner will help your skin reach a good balance of acidity, meaning that there is the proper amount of oil in your skin to prevent dryness and infection. Toner will help to moisturize dry skin while reducing the amount of oil in faces that overproduce it.

Facial toners are generally used in combination with a three step cleansing process. You must first wash your skin with a gentle facial cleanser, in order to remove dirt and debris. Following your cleanser, you should be using a light facial scrub or exfoliant to remove deep down dirt that can't be seen. Finally, you will finish up with a toner, which should return your skin to its ideal pH. A toner should be applied gently with a cotton swab that is thrown out after use.

Dr Hauschka Facial Toner

One of North America's most easily recognizable skin treatment regimens includes Dr Hauschka facial toner. An incredibly popular and successful brand, Dr Hauschka is known for effective and gentle facial treatments that help you maintain the appearance of smooth and youthful skin.

Dr Hauschka facial toner comes in several different varieties. You can purchase a serum which must be applied with a cotton swab, or you can get a spray-on formula that reduces the need for an application tool. All of the brand's toners work to balance your skin, stimulating the production of oil in dry skin and reducing it in oily skin.

Natural Facial Toner

There are many different household ingredients you can use to create a natural facial toner. You can also purchase many different brands of skin care which are made from natural ingredients.

If you prefer to make your own skin care products, there are a couple of easy recipes to follow to make a great natural facial toner. The type of recipe you choose to use will depend on your skin type and condition. Consider first whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, and then search for an appropriate list of ingredients.

For dry to normal skin, a combination of rose water and a plant-based oil should do the trick. If you have oily skin, skip the oils and use rose water with juniper berry. For sensitive skin, consider using chamomile.