Facial Cleanser

Products for proper facial skin care

Proper facial skin care is vital for keeping a youthful glow. It's important to choose the right facial cleanser for your skin type, in order to maximize its effects and maintain clear and even skin tone.

Your cleanser is most effective if you use it properly. You should always make sure to wash your face at least twice a day, in order to minimize the presence of dirt and bacteria, which can result in imperfections. You should be gentle as you cleanse your face; abrasive scrubbing or overuse of product can dry and even damage your skin, making it look blotchy and worn. You also need to ensure that any tool that you use to clean your face, such as a washcloth, a scrub, or an exfoliator, is clean and sanitized with each use. Product and bacteria can build up on these tools, leaving your face vulnerable to damage and infection.

Glycolic Acid Facial Cleanser

A glycolic acid facial cleanser is a great skin treatment for people with oily skin or clogged pores. A glycolic acid facial cleanser treatment actually strips away some of the top layers of your skin, in order to reveal the fresher skin beneath. This is great for treating rough skin or patches of discoloration, which typically result from exposure to the elements or other harsh products.

A glycolic acid facial cleanser is applied gently to the face, typically using a clean sponge or washcloth, although you can also use your fingers if you can manage a light touch. Unlike a facial scrub, the product uses a chemical base to remove layers of skin, rather than relying on abrasive scrubbing to do the job.

Natural Facial Cleanser

You don't have to use a chemical to treat your skin; a natural facial cleanser can often do the same job as more expensive chemical treatments, and may also be gentler on your skin, preventing damage which will result in additional imperfections.

Often, you can find ingredients in your own kitchen that will have the same results as a store bought treatment. Smooth skin can often be obtained using things such as milk, lemon juice, vinegar, and citrus fruits, which all act as exfoliants.