Designer Clothes

Designer Clothes

Great style without high prices

Let's face the truth - going to the mall usually comes with a sense of dread. The long lines, endless hours in fitting rooms and less than helpful sales people just out to make a commission make the brick-and-mortar experience of shopping less than productive. For this reason, many of us have turned to online shopping. There are many spectacular click-and-mortar companies that make shopping for designer clothes online a breeze.

Bluefly is probably one of the most popular sites. They seem to have an endless supply of designer clothing, with their collection of dresses and formal wear that offers the most variety. Anyone is almost certain to find something there. They also offer a wonderful collection of shoes and handbags.

If you're looking for more casual apparel for the younger generation, then Lisa Kline is the site to click on. They offer jeans and t-shirts from the top designer brands. Their online catalog is amazingly easy to shop. Without even having to click on a particular item, you can view the details simply by rolling over it. This makes the entire process more streamlined and efficient.

Another place to find amazing online shopping is at Lucky Mag. Their website offers a list of favorite shopping sites. These sites aren't limited to stores that sell designer clothing, and there are some great finds among their picks. Also, Lucky Magazine has promotions with several of these websites, so with the right code you can receive a discount.

When purchasing clothing online, one important thing to consider is sizing. Take the time to peruse the website for a sizing chart and measure yourself to get the closest fit. For designer brands that you already own this will not be a problem, since you will know the size that you wear in that brand. When purchasing new brands, however, it is important to take the time to do it right instead of just guessing.

Also, when purchasing from a site for the first time, be sure to read their return policy carefully before making any purchases. The majority of sites do accept returns, but only within a certain amount of time after receiving your purchase. Be aware, though, you will most likely be expected to pay the return shipping.

Shopping for designer clothes online is easy and free of stress. You can find unique pieces that you won't find in your hometown, which means there's less chance of showing up at the neighborhood block party only to find your neighbor wearing the exact same outfit!

By Mary Daniel