Body Jewelry

Popular trends and how to wear them

The purpose of any accessory is to bring an outfit to a more personalized level. Accessories like jewelry provide that "wow" factor, building a person's confidence and adding a sultry sparkle and sizzle.

The top three ways to add that something extra are chandelier earrings, vintage necklaces and wrist cuffs. Worn strategically and with the right garments, each of these pieces can take any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary in an instant.

Further, jewelry has the ability to instantaneously add a personal affect, showcasing one's individuality through each carefully selected piece. The right vintage necklace can bring a 1960s touch to any modern piece, yet the way the individual carries the attire can transcend both eras entirely, and can be quite appealing to the objective eye.

A night on the town in the little black dress in your closet goes from basic to brazen with the right pair of drop chandelier earrings, turning heads with every step! Likewise, a Saturday afternoon out on the town in your favorite jeans and basic tank top can look so chic with the right wrist cuff.

Each of these three pieces are perfect simply because they are readily available in any boutique and department store, all in different styles, colors and shapes. They add that subtle yet sexy touch to the wearer, enabling them to literally wear their style on their sleeve. There is no right or wrong answer in selecting the right jewelry piece.

Style is about the person, the individual displaying themselves as a whole. Accessories are a part of the puzzle - one each person knows how to put it together. The attitude that is behind the jewels and attire makes the outfit pop. Clearly, no two people fit the same mold and the ability to express individuality through accessories gives us the freedom to showcase our personal beauty.

By Talia Stinson